22 Platform Heels to Buy for Fall

What are some important factors you typically consider when purchasing a new pair of shoes? One thing we place heavy value on is, of course, the style. Are they trendy and easy to wear? Do they pair with the wardrobe staples we already own? Perfect. But that’s not the only criterion we have to check off before scooping them up. While style is of value, comfort is the true selling point, if you will. And one shoe style that pretty consistently ticks both boxes? Platform heels.

Platform heels are, as the name suggests, designed with a thick platform toe box that raises the balls of your feet and helps with the height differential between the front and back of your foot. In other words, they tend to be more comfortable, because when the front of your foot is slightly raised from the ground, the added heel height (not to mention the arch pressure) isn’t quite as extreme as on flat-soled shoes. But that’s not all. There are so many different styles of platform heels available for purchase, so whether you prefer something simple and black or feisty and animal-printed, you’ll find a pair to suit your taste.

Best of all? Platform heels are completely seasonless, so they’re certainly an investment piece that will get a lot of wear throughout the year. Right now, style the shoe sans socks. Then, once the temperatures drop, transition it into fall by pairing it with wool, cotton, or nylon socks (or tights). Because regardless of what you’ve heard about teaming socks with sandals, it’s a smart way to make your summertime footwear (especially platform heels) work in the cooler months. Ready to see the best platform heels for fall? Then read on to shop our edit below.