21 Pieces to Shop for the Latest Summer Trends

Letting fashion items I’m lusting after pile up in my shopping cart is a professional hazard at this point. After all, I spend a huge part of my day as a fashion writer discovering new brands, looking at fresh arrivals, and deciphering which pieces are worth investing in. You can’t blame me a girl for finding more than a few items to add to my own wardrobe, right? Though not every piece makes the cut, there are a select few that make it all the way to checkout.

This summer I’ve invested in a variety of pieces that range from closet staples to trendy statement pieces. There are linen tops, splashes of tie-dye, beautiful handmade jewelry, sleek sandals, and even a Hawaiian shirt that would make your dad proud. Ahead, see which 21 pieces I took the plunge with for the next few months, and if any of them also happen to resonate with you (I sure hope they do), shop your favorites and get going on the perfect summer look.