21 Off-the-Shoulder Dresses That Are Making a Comeback

I’ll be completely honest with you, I never imagined I would want to wear this dress trend again. I know everything comes back around eventually, but years ago I purged several off-the-shoulder dresses from my closet (and some OTS tops, too) and truly thought that was the last I would see of them. Until now. Suddenly, the shoulder-baring style is popping up on my radar again and surprisingly, it’s even better than before.

2020 is bringing them back with a new silhouette that’s looser and flower than it was when I first owned it. The result is a trend that’s not necessarily new but feels fresh summer-ready. Sleeper’s lightweight linen dresses are what first clued me in to the return of off-the-shoulder styles. Their versions feature pretty smocking and voluminous sleeves and I’ve spotted them on fashion girls from all over.

Take a cue from these fashion girls and pair yours with flat slides or lace-up sandals. Keep scrolling to see how the trend is making its return this year and shop the freshest picks on the market.