21 of the Best New Fashion and Beauty Items

I consider myself to be a mindful shopper. This wasn’t always the case, though. I used to make a fair share of impulse purchases, only to end up donating or selling the item a year or so later, tags still attached in some cases (not a great feeling). Having learned from my past shopping mistakes, my purchases are a lot more deliberate now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t buy things immediately from time to time.

The things I buy immediately are just particularly special, and I know that I’ll start wearing and using them as soon as they arrive, which is always a sign of a wise purchase. Another thing that contributes to swift purchase for me is that I can just feel it when something is going to sell out quickly, and if I know that it would crush me if I missed out on the item, I don’t hesitate. And because sometimes I add beauty products to cart even quicker than I do fashion items (given the typically lower price point), I included a few of those as well.

In case you’re curious, keep scrolling to shop the fashion and beauty items I didn’t hesitate to buy as of late.