21 Beauty Products to Pack—and What to Leave at Home

When it comes to beauty products, I’m not really one to pack lightly. Since traveling is such a shake-up to a normal routine as it is, I try to make an effort to maintain some normalcy, and sticking to a beauty routine that’s similar to my normal one (albeit with some modifications) brings me comfort when away from home. Not only that, traveling can wreak havoc on a girl’s skin and hair, so there’s always a little damage control to consider when packing my toiletry kit and makeup bag. 

There’s plenty to say about what beauty products I do pack when traveling, but I also have reasons for deciding what to leave at home. Usually, it’s that the item in question is unnecessary, bulky, or takes too much time to use. But luckily, beauty brands seem to be on the same page with me, and have developed (or just shrunk) plenty of products that make packing for travel a breeze.

With that, read on for the beauty products that I’ve learned the hard way are no-gos for travel (in my opinion) and the ones I pack instead.