21 Beauty Items to Prioritize From Dermstore and Violet Grey

New Year, new you? Well, yes and no. There’s something about starting a fresh calendar that makes me want to start everything with a clean slate, but truth be told, there are some things that are worth sticking to year in and year out.

Case in point, a solid beauty routine. It’s taken me a lot of trial and error to get to a place where I know not only what looks good on me but what feels great, too. It only took two decades to realize that I simply cannot pull off a combination winged eye and a bold lip, and, conversely, that I should treat my combination skin with minimal exfoliation and lots of moisturizers. The struggle is real, I know. 

In an effort to celebrate the New Year and embrace the same old me (or at least what works for me right now), I compiled a list of the 21 beauty products I’m actually prioritizing this year, including skin solutions, makeup heroes, and haircare essentials. Consider these go-tos for a top spot on your vanity, shower, or medicine cabinet. They’ll treat you well all year round.