20 Stylish Cashmere Sweaters That Won’t Pill

Sweater pilling is one of life’s most pesky wardrobe nuisances. The situation occurs when groups of fibers on the surface of your knitwear get tangled together and form a tiny ball (or pill). It usually goes down in the areas where there’s the most day-to-day friction, like your sleeves or the back where you put on and take off coats. It’s annoying, and it’s not cute. If you’re currently suffering from pilling, then be sure to check out this video on how to de-pill your sweater in 30 seconds. However, if you want to avoid this situation altogether, then consider the following.

We already know that merino wool sweaters are the least likely to pill. That’s because the fibers are stronger and thus more tightly woven together. Taking this bit of information and applying the logic, if you want a sweater that’s not going to pill (or at the very least, pill at a much slower pace), then look for sweaters with sturdier fibers and run like the wind. Ahead, shop my picks for sweaters that I swear won’t pill.