20 Easy Halloween Hairstyles That Do All the Work for You

Anyone who knows me knows I love Halloween. I go all out for this holiday. I have corn décor in my apartment, I carve pumpkins weeks in advance, and I take any and every opportunity to infuse my life with spooky spirit. Whether that means attending multiple Halloween parties or adding hints of orange and black my outfits, you can bet I’m doing it during the month of October. 

While I have had my Halloween costume planned since July, I had not yet discovered a way that I could wear a subtler version of a costume for every day of Halloween month—until I came across these Halloween hairstyles. Creative but simple enough for even my incompetent hands to manage, these spooky hairstyles will surely find their way into my hair routine in October. If you, like me, can’t get enough of the year’s best holiday (yeah, I said it), then scroll on for 20 easy Halloween hairstyles that will take you nearly all the way through the end of the month.