20 Affordable Fall Dresses Our Editors Love

As much as we adore a classic pair of blue jeans, there is something to be said for the power of an amazing dress. If you find one that checks off all the boxes—flattering, versatile, stylish—wardrobe woes quickly become a fleeting memory. Perhaps it’s because we’ve learned so many different approaches to styling dresses: turtlenecks layered underneath, pants worn below, sneakers instead of heels, and so on. Perhaps it’s because we feel more polished in a dress than in pants. Perhaps it’s because it makes getting dressed more effortless, a simple act of tossing on a dress and heading out the door. Whatever the case, we’re on board with keeping a selection of dresses in our closets at all times.

Like many, we’re gearing up for the beginning of autumn and are on the hunt for new fall dresses. And because we’d like to have an array of styles to choose from throughout the months to come, we thought what better way to prepare ourselves (and you!) for the season than with an assortment of budget-friendly finds? Scroll down to see 20 standout fall dresses we found at price points that won’t make you cringe.