19 Useful Travel Accessories for Your Next Vacation

Like most people, I love getting out and seeing the world, but I don’t always love the process of getting there, which is why I do things like sign up for TSA PreCheck, pay for early boarding or upgraded seats, and, yes, seek out the most useful travel accessories. I’m always on the hunt for new travel accessories (often on Amazon) that will make my life easier, and I’ve really found some gems this year. 

Between these tech, fashion, beauty, and packing items, I actually kind of look forward to heading to the airport (hey, any excuse to wear that cashmere travel wrap and take my new Away Expandable suitcase out for a spin). There was a time in my life when my travel accessory collection was basically nonexistent, but I’ve luckily learned that organization is the key to travel happiness. Scroll to shop the 19 items that just might help you achieve travel happiness too.