19 Tweets That Sum Up The Pain Of Spending All Your Money On Weddings

At some point, you’ll probably be faced with a social life conundrum: Risk losing some of your friendships or pony up some major cash to attend each of your pals’ weddings

Throw some destination weddings into the equation and you could come seriously close to going into wedding-guest debt: Just last week, Georgina Childs, a 30-year-old British woman, shared her story of nearly going broke and having to give up her apartment after attending almost 20 weddings and numerous bachelorette parties in four years.

“I shudder when the invite arrives,” Childs told The Sun. “I wish I could say no — but how do you tell your friends you just don’t think their wedding is within your budget?”

Worse yet, how do you say no when they ask you to be in the wedding and you know you can’t afford it? A national survey of more than 2,000 people by website Bankrate.com found that members of the wedding party spend an average of $728 on gifts, travel, attire and assorted wedding-related costs. Lucky bridesmaids and groomsmen in the Northeast spend even more: an average of $1,070 for the shower, the bachelor or bachelorette party and the big day. 

Below, we gathered 19 tweets that capture the pain of shelling out for someone else’s wedding. You have to laugh about it or else you might just have to cry into your floor-length chiffon dress.