19 It Fashion Brands and the Best Item to Buy From Each

We love an It brand here at Who What Wear. Constantly on the lookout for the newest ones and always stalking Instagram for the latest pieces from the brands everyone wants, you can consider us a trusted source for “It brand” content. But you probably knew that already. We, of course, tell you what the biggest It brands are on a regular basis but I’m taking things a step further with this story and telling you what the best item is from each.

So why just one item? I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want the guesswork taken out of shopping, and that’s coming from someone who shops all day for a living. Knowing what that one standout piece is for any given season can tell you a lot about the current trends and the brands’ collections. Now I know that this list is partly subjective, but as basically a professional shopper, I can assure you you’re in good hands.

Keep scrolling to shop the #1 piece to buy this season from 19 of the most popular brands there are to shop right now.