19 Cult Beauty Products That Are Worth the Hype

If there’s a buzzy beauty product that everyone is talking about, you’d better believe I’m trying it out for myself. I regularly test out the latest cult beauty products to land on shelves because I want to see if they’re really worth the hype. And as a result, I’ve used my bathroom as the testing grounds to experiment with hundreds of cult beauty products over the years to see if they actually work.

Some have been disappointments. There’s a famous drugstore mascara I’d seen in dozens of articles (and in the makeup bags in plenty of insiders), but when I used in myself, it left a barely-there tint on my lashes that left me feeling pretty underwhelmed. On the other hand, there have been plenty of cult products I’ve loved so much that they’re now a part of my regular beauty routine—as well as those of friends and family I’ve recommended them to.

Ahead, I’m breaking down the cult beauty products that I’ve tested and love and believe truly deserve all the buzz. Go on to shop the holy-grail beauty products I stand behind, from most expensive to most affordable—including the $12 lip balm that never leaves my bag.