18 Stylish Travel Pants for Women, and How to Wear Them

Always look smart when you travel; you never know who you’ll meeta piece of advice my mom would always give me before I jetted off on a trip. Of course, I wouldn’t always listen to this advice (my early 20s were unquestionably my more sloppy traveling phase), but nonetheless, the phrase still swirls around in my head before every voyage.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to travel pretty extensively, and while I’ve certainly worn my fair share of leggings on many a trip, I’ve come to a point where I’m craving more stylish travel pant alternatives, which brings me swiftly to our subject today: What are the most comfortable and chic pants to travel in if you don’t want to wear leggings? In short, a pair of pants that don’t make you look like you’re in a yoga class, but are still soft, stretchy, non-restrictive, and most importantly smart and stylish. (I want to be considered for that upgrade, after all.) This most often takes the form of cashmere, cotton and lightweight fabrics with a drawstring or elasticated waists. 

As market editor, I’ve done my best sartorial digging to bring you the pants that are seasonless, elegant, soft, and comfortable for your next flight. Scroll below for 17 chic options and get inspired by the leggings alternatives fashion girls are wearing right now.