18 Demi-Fine Jewelry Brands to Shop

As minute as it may be, one of my biggest grievances is when jewelry I’ve just bought begins to tarnish or irritates my skin, creating a not-so-cute rash. But what’s a girl to do when she’s not ready to splurge on fine jewelry but is over cheap jewelry? The solution lies in the industry’s budding demi-fine market. For the past few years, there’s been an explosion of demi-fine brands creating pieces that bridge the gap between costume and high-end jewelry. 

What exactly classifies a jewelry brand as demi-fine? Typically with fine jewelry, you see pieces made out of precious stones and metals with larger price tags, while costume jewelry uses metal alloys and has prices below $100. Demi-fine jewelry merges these two mediums by creating pieces made with gold (below 18 karats) and silver or plated pieces paired with semi-precious stones, hitting that sweet spot under $400. The result? A rising class of demi-fine jewelry brands that have taken over our Instagram feeds. 

If you haven’t seen the demi-fine jewelry brands in your feed yet, don’t fret, because we’ve rounded up 18 that have been leading the charge in making finer jewelry far more accessible. Keep reading to find some hidden gems.