17 Ways to Wear Your Dresses With Tights and Boots

Winter isn’t exactly the easiest season for dressing. Once temperatures drop, every possible outfit prompts the Will I freeze in this? inquiry, and if the answer is yes, well, it looks great around your apartment, at least. But one look we’ve learned to fall back on is dresses with tights and boots. The simple combination makes for an easy way to take your warm-weather pieces into a new season altogether. With the addition of sleek black tights and cool ankle boots, even the floatiest slip can work under the right circumstances.

So what are a few of our favorite ways to pull off this combination? Below we’re highlighting 17 different ways to wear your favorite dresses with tights and boots. Some work for practically subarctic temps while others are better reserved for slightly warmer wintery weather. Still, no matter what the day may look like outside, you’re guaranteed you’ll find some easy outfit inspiration below.

Read on for a few of our favorite way to pull off this classic combination, then shop dresses to help you get the look.