17 Under-$40 Pieces I’m Eyeing For My Fall Wardrobe

If you read Who What Wear on the reg, you’d know that our heads have already been entrenched in all things fall for a while now and after discussing bigger-picture trends like the colors we’ll all be wearing and the important dress silhouettes, it’s time to discuss how to actually wear some of these fall trends. Knowing what’s trending is one thing, but doing a little planning and figuring out how to actually put these new pieces together in an outfit is the next step (and honestly, one of my favorite pastimes). 

Another good reason to do some outfit planning? Picking and choosing which pieces to invest in will leave you feeling (hopefully) more satisfied with your closet throughout the season. Yep, as the headline suggests, I’m sharing some very affordable outfit options with you here. From versatile dresses you can wear with boots and sneakers to the pretty skirts to marry with sweaters, keep scrolling for all the under-$40 buys I’m eyeing and exactly how I plan to style each.