17 Products for Smooth, Even Skin—No Facetune Needed

I’ll come right out and say it. I’ve been a little overzealous with Facetune recently, and it’s been gnawing at my conscious. It’s not that I think Facetune is bad, per se, but it poses some complicated conversations, and I feel conflicted. Plus, everyone has a different stance, comfort level, and opinion in regard to editing, and thus discussing the subject so publicly can feel sticky and scary. On the one hand, I know smoothing, blurring, and, heck, even reshaping is par for the course in today’s social media–, image-, and ‘like’-obsessed culture. Personally, I don’t believe in reshaping or sizing my face or body, but if I have a bad hormonal breakout, stubborn acne scars, dark circles, or a yellower smile than I’d like, you bet I’ll click into Facetune to blur, smooth, and whiten until I feel the image is up to snuff with all of the other edited images out there on the World Wide Web. It’s a compulsion I never used to experience but has slowly but surely increased with some vengeance. Which, quite honestly, scares me. 

As a beauty editor, I always want to be as authentic as possible to my followers and readers. I don’t want to be deceiving when it comes to a photo or image I post, but I’m also very human. Sometimes I need to take a photo for a story, and I’m having a bad body image day or hair, skin, or what-have-you day. Sometimes, I don’t want my pimples to be out there for millions of eyes to see and critique. Does that make me fake? Dishonest? A bad beauty editor? It’s a conundrum I’ve been struggling with. That said, it’s not only the beginning of a fresh year, but it’s a fresh decade, so while I’m not sure if it’s realistic for me to swear off the blur tool and editing apps forever, I’m going to do my best to work on my wellness, lighting, and product game so that clicking into Facetune doesn’t continue to be the automatic reflex it’s become. No one is perfect, and I wish we didn’t live in a world that pushed that preoccupation so forcefully. (I also realize that by posting edited photos, I’ve played an active part in that.)

I’m all for going au naturel (in fact, most days IRL, you’ll find me bare-faced without a stitch of makeup), but for those days when you do want to look as smooth and glowy as possible—whatever the reason may be—there are some strategic products for that! Below, I’m sharing all of the formulas I’m super into right now, which I’ll be relying on more as I slowly wean myself off of the blurring train. Anyone with me? Keep scrolling!