17 Oversized Sweaters to Lose Yourself In

Let’s be honest, as much as we can’t stand the sub-zero temperatures and brutal weather conditions that come with the months of winter, those very same things are what makes us fall in love with the season year after year. Before you start to think we’ve gone crazy, hear us out. While we’re certainly not planning on spending every waking moment outdoors, we can’t deny the fact that the wintry weather gets us in the mood to surround ourselves in a sea of knitwear—in particular, oversized sweaters.

Despite the rise in sleepwear as regular clothes, you can’t always wear your pajamas everywhere you go (although it may be tempting). However, if you’re looking for a cozy alternative that will also keep you warm throughout the coldest winter days, an oversized sweater will be the perfect alternative to simply lose yourself in. And, they’ll go with literally anything you wear, whether it’s a chic pencil skirt for the office or your favorite pair of jeans on the weekend.

Ready to add one (or two) to your closet? Scroll down to shop the coolest oversized sweaters to wear every day this season—you won’t regret it.