17 of the Best Travel Tote Bags for Your Next Vacation

There’s nothing like having a scheduled vacation to look forward to, but in the days leading up to your flight, the idea of packing can verge feel stressful, especially when it comes to smaller items. Though having the proper carry-on or luggage set can always make your travels go more smoothly, we also recommend choosing a stylish tote bag so you can have everything you want within reach during your flight.

Though carrying a backpack may seem like the most practical option, it isn’t always the most stylish or even the most accessible. Having a larger tote to hold everything from your laptop to a stack of magazines will ensure that you have a sleek, stylish way to hold your on-flight necessities. And once you land, your tote will be a great option to carry as you head out sightseeing. Ready to add a new tote to your travel bags? Scroll down to shop our favorites on the market right now.