17 Back-to-School Purchases NYC Girls Have in Their Shopping Carts

You know how people grunt and grumble as soon as they see the first signs of back-to-school ads? I’m not one of those people. Sure, it might be because I don’t actually go to school anymore, but I think it has more to do with being raised in a house where both my parents were teachers. September always felt like January (which might explain why I’m not big on NYE parties), and back-to-school shopping is forever a favorite. Today it’s arguably even more exciting than it was when my priority was finding the perfect Trapper Keeper.

As proof, I asked a few fellow New Yorkers to share what’s in their own back-to-school carts. As professionals who don’t exactly get an official summer break, theirs are filled with pieces that get us all back to reality, back on our A-game, and inspired to shift seasons. Plus, the 17 hand-selected pieces ahead hit on tons of F/W 18 trends that we’re expecting will be all over the streets of New York in no time.