16 Sustainable Fashion Brands Stylists Are Obsessing Over

For the Big Little Lies star, clothes were always more than just the fabric and thread that composed them, they were deeply personal, a way to tell her story long before acting became that outlet. “When I was in high school,” she told Who What Wear, “I was the girl who would scour for hours through thrift stores, buying things that fit or didn’t fit and then would take them home, cut them up, and re-sew them. I taught myself how to use a sewing machine and basically became my own tailor. Clothing was always something that was really exciting to me.”

These days, her closet may look completely different than it used to, but her passion for the environment is still a driving force in her how she approaches getting dressed. In other words, all the fame in the world couldn’t take the resourceful 13-year-old girl out of her.

Sustainability and fashion still have a long way to go,” she admits. “I mean, when we talk about recycled materials, we also have to look at the amount of water consumption infused in order to clean those materials to then repurpose them into a brand new product. So, it’s kind of a convoluted and tricky conversation.”

Tricky as it may be, both women using their platforms to support what they believe in—and we’re here to show you how stylish it looks. Below, see the sustainable fashion brands Rachael Wang styled Shailene Woodley in for our exclusive shoot with the actress, discover what makes each piece earth-friendly, and shop them all.