16 Popular Jewelry Brands at Every Price Point

If by any chance you read my recent story the types of jewelry that will never go out of style, then you’ve already heard me rant about how much I love it. If you haven’t, well, there’s the gist of it—I love jewelry! Whether it’s trendy and affordable pieces, timeless investments, or, in the case of some brands and baubles, a mix of both, I can’t help but fawn over the stuff and have slowly grown my own collection over the years.

For that reason, I’m often getting asked where to find different pieces at all price points, so today I thought I’d put all my favorite brands in one easy-to-reference story. From the Cartiers and Bulgaris of the jewelry world to the affordable brands that look shockingly expensive, just keep scrolling to see, read about, and shop all 16 of them.