15 Winter Honeymoon Outfits You Should Wear

Planning a winter wedding is hard enough as it is, without factoring in everything that comes next. While, sure, everyone looks forward to the relaxing escape a honeymoon offers, at the end of the day it’s just one more thing to plan. But even if you don’t exactly know where you’ll be jetting off to just yet, don’t give into the stress and leave your suitcase packing for the last minute. In fact, our roundup of 15 winter honeymoon outfits below will not only help you decide what to wear on that romantic escape but also, perhaps, inspire the destination location.

From tropical getaways where fewer layers are better and you can live happily with zero-effort dresses, sunglasses, and slide sandals to mild-weather destinations you just need to pack a light cardigan to wrap over your shoulders or a blazer to finish off your looks to winter wonderlands where you can sport your most colorful outerwear and winter boots for some amazing outfits (and photo) opportunities, let these looks inspire you. While the options vary widely, the one thing they all have in common is that you won’t regret one bit your final destination. Happy honeymooning!