15 Travel Fashion Basics I Won’t Leave Home Without

I’m a fashion editor, but next to all things style, travel is my true passion, and I make sure I squeeze in trips as often as possible. I used to dread pulling out my suitcase to figure out what exactly I was going to add inside, but over the years, I’ve tweaked and refined my packing process. Now, I have some travel fashion basics I make sure to include every time I leave home, no matter where I’m headed. It might be a quick road trip or a flight overseas, but regardless, there are some staples that always make it in my bag.

Ahead, I’m breaking down the pieces that you’ll find in my suitcase no matter what. From my go-to outfit formula of straight-leg jeans and a crew-neck T-shirt to a versatile dress that will take me from day to night to the everyday essentials like bras and underwear I’ve narrowed in on, these are the perfect travel fashion basics. Go on to see the exact pieces I pack for every vacation.