15 Things to Buy From Shopbop’s Surprise Sale

It feels like Shopbop’s friends and family sale just ended (it kind of did), but we’re already getting blessed with another incredible sale (surprise!). This one includes tons (thousands, to be exact) of spring pieces marked down by up to 40%—but it’s only for two days, so you might not want to sleep on it. And because I completely get that nearly 50 pages of sale goods is a lot to sift through, I did it for you. (I mean, somebody’s gotta do it.)

If you’re like me, you’re probably stocking up on warm-weather pieces to prepare for the months ahead right about now, and that’s exactly what you’ll find among the sale selection. Naturally, things are selling out quickly, so I’m going to stop carrying on so you can just get to the shopping. Keep scrolling to do just that.