15 Thanksgiving Outfits You Can Score at Zara

Envision this: It’s the morning, you wake up, and then you find yourself staring at your closet for more time than you’d like to admit because you have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Thought so. Whether you’re in a styling drought and are tired of your usual ensembles or it’s really been a while since you added some pieces to refresh your wardrobe, we understand. And now that holiday season is around the corner, we also understand you might be ready to make a splash, sartorially speaking.

In the spirit of starting celebrations on the right foot (and with the right outfit), we rounded up 15 Thanksgiving outfits you can easily score at Zara. The fast-fashion store is already a go-to for on-trend pieces, so with a bit of thoughtful planning, you’ll not only be refreshing your wardrobe as a whole but also saving your wallet a whole lot of hurt. It’s a win-win situation.