15 Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Know in 2019

I’ll just say it: In this day and age, if you aren’t talking about sustainability, you’re out of touch. While there have certainly been leaps and bounds of progress within the fashion industry when it comes to textile production and its effect on the environment, it’s definitely still not enough. However, there have been many brands stepping out and making an impact, both big and small. Today, we’re going to champion those brands in the best way we know how—by telling all of you about them. 

To start off, we are going to narrow down the playing field to swimwear. Ahead, we rounded up the swimwear brands that are doing sustainably good work within the industry without sacrificing style or quality. From familiar sustainable brands like Reformation to up-and-comers like Galamaar, enjoy shopping the eco-friendly swimsuits we think are worth knowing in 2019. To preface, there are tons of sustainable swim brands out there that we love (which we have covered here), these are just a few that we are particularly crushing on right now, but all are worth checking out.