15 Stunning French Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Mani

ICYMI—the French manicure has been the comeback kid of 2020. Previously considered outdated, frumpy, and old-fashioned, French-inspired nail designs began their revenge ascent back in 2019, and despite some raised eyebrows, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. (And we’re so not complaining!)

Not only is the traditional white Frech manicure overtaking our Instagram feeds and nail-dusted inspiration boards, but countless whimsical, unexpected, and super-fresh takes on the trend are also popping up. The sky is the limit when it comes to French nail designs—not only can you switch up your tip shade of choice (we’re especially loving neons and pastels), but things like glitter, nail stickers, and additional patterns and angles make for equally chic updates.

To celebrate, we asked celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik (who works with A-list clients like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez) to walk us through his step-by-step process for perfecting a French nail design at home. And then, (just to get your creative juices flowing), we’ve included tons of French manicure inspiration pics for you to scroll through at the end. Try them yourself or simply screenshot for whenever we’re allowed to visit the nail salon again. Keep Scrolling!