15 Pretty and Practical Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

Apple-picking season is almost upon us. So once fall comes around, if you’re one of the people who rapidly wants to head out to the nearest farm, you might want to start planning what to wear to go apple picking ASAP. After all, a little outdoors time calls for a functional outfit, however, the fact that you can finally wear cozy sweaters and jackets is almost equally exciting.

From oversize sweaters to boots and from overalls to fuzzy fleeces, the 15 apple-picking outfits ahead are both pretty and functional so you can enjoy your first fall outing of the season in style.

You can’t go wrong with oversize sweaters and chunky boots. 
Knee-high boots are also a favorite when apple picking. 
Have fun with your knits and opt for an embellished one. 
Make apple picking a whole event and wear matching jumpsuits with your BFF. 
Or keep it in the athleisure family for optimal outdoors quality time.
Low-key and comfortable also make for a great apple-picking look. 
There isn’t a time or place where you can’t wear a good monochromatic look. 
Channel the colors of fall for your comfortable apple-picking attire.
Or make a statement with a bold dress combined with trusty Chelsea boots. 
Doesn’t get more pretty and practical than this. 
Did you really go to a farm if you didn’t wear overalls? 
Tote bags are welcome if they make it easier to haul your pickings.
Yes, Canadian tuxes are more than welcome on this weekend excursion.
Keep it cool and sporty with a varsity-inspired jacket paired with your favorite jeans. 
An all-black look works anywhere, even in the orchard. 

Who else can’t wait for fall?