15 Holiday Outfits With Sneakers That Work

Sneakers of all styles are insanely popular at the moment, and as a result, we’re starting to spot them being worn to just about every kind of occasion. With the holiday season getting started, it’s no surprise that our editors are looking for clever ways to wear the sporty shoe option to their next party. Before you ask, yes, this is totally doable—it all comes down to what you wear with your sneakers.

If you take a close look at how the fashion crowd is pulling off this sporty shoe style at parties, there are some reoccurring outfit formulas we keep seeing time and time again. The first formula is pretty straightforward: All you need is a chic solid or printed pantsuit and you’ll be good to go.

Another no-fuss outfit option is to pair a basic knit like a black turtleneck with statement-making pants in a vibrant hue or luxe animal print. For those leaning towards wearing a skirt, the trend is to opt for an interesting pick with metallic, sheer or bold print details. Out of all the options, our favorite way to master the sneaker party look is to pair the sneakers with a Scandi girl–inspired printed midi dress and to top off the ensemble with a leather moto jacket or smart blazer.

For some great inspiration on how to wear your most beloved sneakers to your next holiday festivities, read on to check out all the best holiday outfits with sneakers.