15 Affordable Zara Outfits That Look So Expensive

Hello, my name is Judith Jones and I’m a Zara addict. I spend an unfathomable amount of time perusing its immaculately styled website. I squander most of my paycheck on its affordably priced pieces. I write about the brand profusely, and I run to the store a lot (it’s conveniently located five mins away from where I live) when I’m in need of a last-minute blouse for a night out or a chic blazer for a work event. I wear the brand in some form or another nearly every single day—so it’s safe to say I’m a fan with a capital F. (And I know I’m not the only one!)

Zara’s fall/winter collection has been particularly on point this season, so much so, I wore the brand for seven days straight this month, and (to my delight) received an influx of compliments from colleagues, plenty of thumbs up from friends, and a plethora of likes on my Instagram feed when I sported some of the latest pieces. Today I’m sharing some of the Zara items that got the most attention this month. From bourgeoise skirts to cool leather culottes, scroll below to get your Zara fix.