14 Ways to Wear the Same $33 Sandals

In my experience as a professional editor, nonstop shopper, and amateur Instagrammer, I like to think I know a hit when I see one. Today, we’re here because such is the case with our very own Who What Wear Piper sandals for Target. While it’s not surprising that these $33 sandals, which come in both black and white, are popular—because, well, have you seen them?—but their social media footprint is downright shocking. From mega bloggers to up-and-coming style stars, people are not only loving them and wearing them, but they are also repeating them. From the beach to the streets, they’ve been everywhere, and they’ve been styled in so many ways that it’s getting hard for me to keep track.

That’s why I don’t need to sell you on how versatile they are—I can simply show you. Scroll through for a whopping 14 ways to wear the sandals this season and continue on to shop them when you’re done.

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