14 Thanksgiving Nail Ideas to Try This Season

Congrats! Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but you’ve already perfected a feast-friendly outfit, found a Thanksgiving makeup look that’s easy but cool, and figured out a response to that dreaded question your family asks you every year. Seems like you have everything set for Thanksgiving—give yourself high five. But wait, in the midst of that celebratory gesture, you might have noticed that your nails are in need of a bit of TLC (Thanksgiving-time love and care).

Enter our roundup of the 14 most gorgeous Thanksgiving nail ideas that we bet will be some of the most-requested at the nail salon this month. From a stunning emerald-green mani to the quirkiest pumpkin-print nails you ever did see, check out our favorite nail ideas of the season, plus shop the key polishes needed to re-create them for yourself at home.