14 Purse Essentials Every Woman Should Own

For most of us, predicting what we may need in our purse every day is impossible. With early coffee dates and quick lunch meetings to post-work plans and beyond, we’re all leading a packed calendar. Since life can be so unpredictable, there are a few items that we think are essential to balancing all the surprises that come up in a busy day. From an unexpected meeting to a bad hair day, we’ve got you covered with some items that can help.

We’ve gathered a few purse essentials we feel can be a lifesaver to have in your handbag. These universal items are a great investment for anyone on the go. From cosmetics to mints, we’ve included the essentials that are helpful to have on hand for any situation that may arise. Keep reading to find out which “things” you should always have with you and shop our favorite everyday bags.