14 Items an Editor Bought at the World’s Largest Zara Store

To state the obvious, we write a lot of Zara stories here at Who What Wear. We could say we’re just giving our readers what they want, but our editors genuinely love shopping at the retailer too—some more than others (cough, cough, Lauren.) When I thought about what Zara angles we haven’t tackled yet, the idea hit me: Why not take our Zara content international?

I decided to tap Sofía Paramio Delgado, an incredibly stylish Spanish fashion editor, to see what she’d buy from the world’s largest Zara store. The sprawling 65,000-square-foot store is located in Paramio Delgado’s hometown of Madrid, Spain, and boasts an impressive selection of clothes, shoes, bags, and more. While the options could be overwhelming, I trusted that Paramio Delgado would pick out the chicest items everyone would want to buy ASAP—and I definitely wasn’t wrong. (PS: How cute is the mom-to-be’s baby bump?) Scroll down to see how she styled the items and shop her picks.