13 Ways It Girls Do Business Casual With Jeans

Regardless of what type of environment you work in—whether it’s a brand-new startup, creative agency, or a more established business firm—there will be some days (if not all) where you will be dressing on the more relaxed side. But let’s be honest: Dressing business casual is easier said than done, especially when it varies from office to office. However, in the times you find yourself toiling over what to wear that’s considered both casual and appropriate for the office, know that you can do business casual with jeans—it just depends on how you style them.

Traditionally speaking, denim has been seen as an option reserved for out-of-office outings, such as company-wide picnics and the like. Now, jeans have become regularly incorporated into our everyday work wardrobe (unless you work in a more corporate office). That said, you’ll also want to make sure your ensembles remain polished, even if you’re wearing jeans.

To give you an idea of what we mean, we’ve rounded up looks from our favorite It girls who have mastered the art of styling denim for the office in a way that’ll show everyone you still mean business. Check them out below and then get ready to add these looks to your closet.