13 Pink Sweater Outfits We’re Copying This Season

Every year comes with a color trend that takes the fashion industry by storm—often to a level that you can’t ignore. We’ve seen it happen with millennial pink, lavender, lime green, and orange. Now, there’s a brighter, bolder pink that’s been making an appearance, well, everywhere. You may have noticed the hot-pink hue as one of this year’s biggest trends earlier this year, but if you’re hoping to bring the vibrant shade into the cold-weather season, the number of hot-pink sweater outfits is virtually endless.

While this time of year typically calls for dark neutrals and jewel tones, It girls everywhere are opting for shades that pop against the fall and winter backdrop, and the most popular one seemed to be the most unexpected—until now. And in the form of cozy knitwear, the playful color feels undeniably chic.

To show you what we mean, we’ve gathered looks from our favorite fashion girls who are incorporating hot-pink sweaters seamlessly into their wardrobes. Scroll down to see them all.