13 Non-See Through White Summer Dresses

White dresses are to summer what black boots are to winter: necessary, easy, and cute. In theory, walking into a store and snatching up every white dress in sight seems as easy as pie, but in reality, a lot of white dresses prove to be completely see-through. Some of you might not care at all if said dress is sheer. Personally, though, I have found that each time I’ve purchased a see-through white dress due to how stylish it is, I never wear it because I’m too nervous.

Yes, there are solutions for such situations, including slips, getting the dress lined, or even wearing nude shapewear, but sometimes you want to skip all the fuss and put on your pretty white summer dress without thinking twice. If that’s you, we’ve got 13 non-see-through white dresses that are calling your name. How do we know? Because at one point, they called ours too, which is how we can faithfully tell you the selection ahead is tried and true in the non-see-through department and objectively stylish (if we do say so ourselves).

Keep scrolling to shop each of our editor’s favorite non-see-through white summer dresses.