13 New H&M Pieces I Honestly Can’t Believe Are H&M

I just came to the realization that I take H&M for granted. All it took for me to realize this was a scroll through its new arrivals, where dozens of shockingly chic pieces currently live. For example, there’s a pair of jeans that could sell for $100 more, ankle boots you’ll literally want to wear on a daily basis, and a couple of coats that make me forget about the designer ones I’ve had my eye on this season.

If someone told me that the below pieces were H&M without my recognizing them, I truly don’t think I’d believe them—that’s how good they are. But you probably just want to see my top H&M new-arrival picks for yourself now, so keep scrolling to do just that. And if you end up adding them all to your cart, you can blame (or thank) me.