13 Last-Minute Gifts For The Feminist Ladies In Your Life

She doesn’t believe her love should be bought, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get her something to show how much you respect and support her this Valentine’s Day.

Maybe flowers and teddy bears are a bit too traditional for the woke woman in your life. Or, maybe they’re not, in which case you should get those for her too because, damn, she deserves it!

Whether it’s a T-shirt with her favorite female activists or a face mask to melt away the mansplaining she’s endured all day, there are plenty of ways you can show the badass babe in your life how much you understand her, see her and you support her — even though you both know she’s strong enough to do that all on her own.

We’ve rounded up 13 last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for your feminist girlfriend that are progressive, pretty and put down the patriarchy.

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