13 Fashion Items We’re Buying on Amazon for 2019

Pause and guess the most popular brand in America. Pat yourself on the back if you guessed Amazon. Earlier this week Morning Consult named Amazon the most loved brand among all 50 states according to their research. It’s actually the second year for the powerhouse of a shopping destination to earn this spot. It comes with little surprise seeing as it’s the place you can buy just about anything and have it delivered the next day. Clothing, groceries, decorations, beauty products—you name it and you can shop it through a simple swipe. You already know that though being the seasoned Amazon shopper we know you are.

To add to the temptingly easy way to shop through Amazon, I had my fellow editors share the items they plan to buy in the upcoming year. There’s definitely a theme when it comes to our picks, we all look to the Bezos-owned destination for updates in the wardrobe basics department. Everything from simple bike shorts to the freshest pair of Nikes, scroll down to shop the fashion items we’re buying on Amazon in 2019.