12 Versatile Fashion Brands I Wear in the South

This is Style in the South, a series in which our South-based editor, Allyson, shares her insights into the trends and shopping habits that Southern girls follow (and don’t follow). She’ll also share her own personal experience with how to dress since returning to the South after more than a decade away. Whether you live in the South, are visiting, or are simply curious, she’s here to give her Who What Wear perspective about all things Southern style.

The common perception is that it’s always either warm or hot in the South, but believe it or not, the weather (at least where I live in Raleigh, North Carolina) can be pretty wild. It rains a lot and sometimes even snows. There are lengthy heat waves and equally lengthy (very) cold snaps. You get the idea. This is why a versatile wardrobe is very much required. Since moving back to the South a few years ago, I’ve really tried to fill my closet with pieces that can be worn in multiple seasons, and there are certain brands that never fail to provide ultra-stylish pieces for every season and climate. These versatile fashion brands may not be under-the-radar or groundbreaking, but I buy their pieces almost every season, so they’re clearly doing it right.

Read on to shop my picks from the 12 brands I wear year-round in the South.