12 Pieces My Boyfriend and I Actually Agree On

Let me preface this story by saying my boyfriend has great style—don’t get me wrong. But as with any relationship, we have opposing views on certain issues, especially in the trend department. There have been many instances where I walk in jazzed about an outfit and his reaction is, well, less than enthused. I’ve learned from trial and error that he’s not a fan of the neon trend, can’t stand dad sneakers, and don’t even get him started on bike shorts. I guess relationships are about compromise, right?

There are a few 2019 trends he and I are in complete agreement on though, so I thought it could be fun to share the pieces my boyfriend Shane and I are both into right now. Even though I dress for myself, sometimes you just want to feel like your fashion efforts are appreciated, amirite? From nouveau knitwear to knee-high boots, the below four trends have been given the official green light by both of us.