11 Ways Fashion Girls Are Styling Converse This Season

If there’s a pair of shoes that has remained well-loved in my closet since the age of 14, it’s my trusty converse. (I have more than the normal amount of pairs, including glitter ones.) The classic shoe simply never goes out of style and continues to be reinvented by the brand with new styles, colorways, and collaborations. It’s not just me, because the fashion crowd continues to rely on the shoe as a staple in completing their effortless yet chic looks. 

While I recently (and finally) replaced my most-used black up pair with the brand’s latest platform style, I looked towards the ‘gram for fresh outfit inspiration to try out when my order makes it’s way to my front doot. Safe to say even in 2020, I found no shortage of outfits featuring the iconic sneaker. If you’re like me and won’t be letting go of the style anytime soon, you can keep scrolling to find some of my favorite outfits for this season. You might even just end up with a new pair (or two!) of Chuck Taylors in your cart.