11 Tips for Second-Hand Shopping Online

What tips can you offer for those who are shopping for vintage online?

Tip #1: Thoroughly check the pieces for stains, tears, etc. Look out for tags or zippers which might give clues to how old the piece is, and always trust your gut!

Tip #2: Know your sizing and thoroughly read the listing.

Tip #3: Look at what it’s made of. Personally, I try my best to source mostly natural fiber vintage-like cotton, silk, linen, and wool. It’s more breathable and comfortable. Make sure you know what the care requirements are for the pieces. I try not to sell too many pieces that require dry cleaning or expensive upkeep.

Tip #4: Find vendors you really love and constantly check in to see what new pieces they have. You can even feel free to reach out to some shops to see if they can look out for something specific for you. I do that often for customers.