11 Everyday Celebrity Outfits That Look So Pulled Together

It can certainly seem like everything celebrities wear is fabulous and designer and highly unattainable. But I study a lot of celebrity outfits, and I can confirm that it isn’t so. One cannot live on the aforementioned fabulous items alone, and they must be supplemented with pieces that are far more basic. Even people like Jennifer Lopez and Bella Hadid know that their wardrobes need a big dose of “boring” staple items, or they’d probably stare into their closets with nothing to wear every day.

I’ve been keeping close tabs on the fall outfits of the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber, Katie Holmes, and more, and have found 11 of the best “boring” items to copy. Whether you’re putting together an entire outfit of basics or looking for some staple items to balance out a statement piece, there’s a lot to glean here, so keep scrolling.