11 Compelling Reasons to Shop Our New Skincare Line, Versed

Hey, you! Welcome. You’ve clicked on something really cool today. Here at Who What Wear, spirits are insanely high because today (about 30 seconds ago, actually), we launched a brand-spanking-new sister brand: a line of 19 skincare products called Versed, now available at Target. The collection contains all the essentials: cleansers, moisturizers, eyes creams, oils, serums, peels, masks, and spot treatments. We’ve been working on this puppy for so dam long, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

You might be wondering why we launched a skincare line. Reasonable Q, and we have A’s for you—11 of them to be exact. See, having played in the fashion and beauty industries for over a decade, consulting with experts (and readers) and constantly reporting on products and trends, we realized that there was something profoundly missing from the skincare market. We did some surveying and discovered that millennials seem to really want a few things from their skincare: products that produce visible results, aren’t chockablock with potentially toxic ingredients, aren’t so confusing to use that they just sit in your medicine cabinet forever, and won’t cost freaking $50 for a cleanser or moisturizer that’ll run out in a month. Why oh why, we had to ask ourselves, is there not one skincare line out there that is science-backed, clean, prettily packaged, and affordable? Sometimes when there’s a problem that no one seems to be fixing, you have to go in and do it yourself. So yeah, that’s what got us here. And we can’t wait for you to meet Versed.