11 Cheap Fashion Items That Look Expensive

I recently covered the specific affordable yet expensive-looking items I recommended to my mother when she inquired about adding a few new pieces into her wardrobe. She was quite into the suggestions because, as she said, “I love when my friends ask me about a chic item I’m wearing, and I get to say that it was actually pretty cheap.” On that note, I thought it could be fun to show her a range of other affordable items that look high-end to get her thoughts.

So during one of our latest catch-ups, I pulled up a slew of some of my recent favorite under-$75 items and asked her if she thought they looked more expensive than they actually were. In the end, there were 11 standouts that she thought looked particularly elevated and pricier because of the timeless, sophisticated, and/or forward-feeling details. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out the batch. If you keep going, you’ll also uncover more next-level pieces that could be of interest if you’re shopping at the moment.