11 Brightening Face Masks That Give the Best Glow

Prior to using brightening face masks, my skin was, well, not very bright all the time. I tend to not get as much sleep as I should, and it often shows. The closest thing I found to eight hours of sleep is these masks, and most also have long-term benefits. The market is pretty saturated with brightening masks at this point, so I volunteered to be your guinea pig and try quite a few of them out.

The first thing I learned during this process is that applying multiple brightening face masks in a relatively short period of time isn’t exactly an amazing idea. (luckily, I had this Summer Fridays mask on hand to rescue my skin when I needed it.) The commonality between these masks is that they all promise glowing skin, but I did find differences between them, such as how drastic the results they gave are, what time of day they’re best used, and how hydrating they are. 

Keep scrolling for my full reviews and to shop the brightening masks I loved the most out of the 17 I tried.